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House Washing – Is It Necessary?

Your home, at least for most of us, is typically our most valuable asset both financially and for other reasons.  A dirty exterior makes for an uninviting appearance as well as reduced curb appeal, if and, when it comes time to sell.  House Washing with B&D Pressure Washing Services assures that your home’s appearance and curb appeal are maintained to the highest degree.  Our customizable process will leave your home looking (sometimes) better than the day you purchased it.  Our softwashing approach uses a specially formulated detergent specific to your home’s construction and removes the unwanted algae, dirt and grime from your home’s exterior.

Here are 5 reasons to consistently have house washing completed by B&D Pressure Washing Services.

It Improves Appearance & Curb Appeal

When family and friends visit, you know your want the exterior of your house to look it’s best.  Algae, dirt, mud, grime, spiderwebs and many other things can keep your house from looking its best. House Washing on a consistent basis leaves your home’s appearance looking the way it should even when unexpected visitors stop by.

Increased Home Value

Admit it!  You probably wouldn’t want to pay top dollar for a house that has algae, dirt, grime or looks dull on the exterior.  In fact, it would probably be a great reason to counter-offer during the real estate purchase process.  House Washing on a consistent basis will help to keep your home’s value at its peak so your asset continues to build value.

It Prevents Damage To The Exterior Surfaces

Vinyl and Aluminum Siding can oxidize if left dirty over time.  Wood, Brick and stone can begin to decay if algae is present on the surfaces.  A consistent schedule of house washing will eliminate dirt, algae, grime and other contaminants left on your exterior surfaces.  Protecting these surfaces and providing a longer life of these products allows you to save money on maintenance in the long run with our house washing services.

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It Stops The Growth Of Algae

Growth and spread of algae occur due to high moisture content and humid weather. In normal weather conditions too, algae growth is naturally occurring and can be damaging to your home’s surfaces. House Washing the house removes algae, dirt, grime and other contaminants and helps to prevent the re-occurring growth of algae and mildew on your home’s surfaces.

A Clean Beautiful Home = A Happy Family

When things are clean and the exterior of your home looks in order and nice, it creates happiness.  There’s a sense of pride and joy that comes with knowing your house looks the best on the street or even in your entire neighborhood.  Regular house washing helps to continue that feeling and keep algae growth, dirt and grime away for a while to come.

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